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Enjoy The Benefits Of An Unmanaged Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a server that you rent from a web hosting company. You can choose to have it managed or unmanaged. Managed dedicated server is where you hire a professional company to manage your server. They will handle everything to ensure that your server runs smoothly. In the unmanaged server, you will be the one managing your dedicated server. Managing your own server requires you to take care of all the aspects of your server. If you have chosen the unmanaged server but you are still not sure about it, then looking at the advantages will be of help.

When you are on a tight budget, you may be prompted to go for an unmanaged dedicated server. A dedicated server is important when you have an online business.

When you are managing your server, you have to know how to install and manage your operating system, security applications, and the software. You also have to upgrade your security applications periodically. You will be responsible for doing backups for your data. It is advisable that you only choose the unmanaged dedicated server when you are knowledgeable about server management. If not, you can still hire in house staff that will help to manage your server.

Now that you have made a decision that you are going for the unmanaged Germany servers, it is vital to know what you stand to benefit. Here are some of the benefits that you get by using an unmanaged server.


  • Unmanaged server just like the managed server provides you with reliability. One of the best ways that you can improve the performance of your site is by getting a dedicated server. A dedicated server ensures that you have all the resources for your site. The shared server does not give you the chance to use the resources for your site. You will be using the server resources with other websites. The only way to get reliability is by getting an unmanaged dedicated server. You will be able to use the server resources as you want because you do not share it with any site.

Unique IP address

  • When you buy a dedicated web hosting, you get the IP address for your website alone. You will get a unique IP address with the dedicated server. It is not like shared hosting where all the websites on the server using one IP address. In such a case, when one website gets compromised it can affect the storage of all the websites on that IP address. Having a unique IP address is a guaranteed way to secure your website and data. The IP address defines your identity and will help improve your site ranking on search engines. The unique IP address also increases your business reputation.


  • If you would want a server that offers flexibility, then it is time you upgrade to a dedicated server. The other benefit that you get by managing your own server is flexibility. It is flexible since you get to choose the software to use. You can also optimize your server to meet your business needs. You will be able to run custom software. Having an a cheap unmanaged dedicated server Germany means that you do not have to worry about your web host locking you out of a given software. You will be the one making the decisions on what software you want to use.


Nowadays, it is crucial to put security in the forefront in your online business. Security is one of the benefits that you get by having an unmanaged server. The dedicated server means that no one can get access to your server once you have in place a strong password.

Low maintenance

If you are looking for a hassle-free maintenance server, then you need to go for an unmanaged dedicated server. Dedicated servers have the best maintenance and support. When you encounter any problem, you can get help by contacting them. You only have to worry about getting clients to your business. A dedicated server takes care of local server updates, server maintenance and updates anti-virus protection. You only get to handle a few things you need for your site to be up and running.

Complete control

Shred hosting does not give you any kind of control on your server. However, that is not the case with a dedicated server. Your unmanaged dedicated server gives you all the control on your server. You get all the freedom to manage your server the way you want. You will manage your server as though it is your computer. You can manage the security, performance, uptime, hardware, and software. You will no longer have to use the resources that have been set by the hosting company. You will make the decision on the resources that you want to use and changes in your server.

It prevents your business from any security threats. So, use freely!!

The unmanaged dedicated server also allows you to manage your server firewall and port settings. You will have in place more secure safety standards. You can be in control of your server’s security to ensure that your server is safe.


The unmanaged server is cheaper compared to the managed server. There is no management. You will be the one responsible for replacing any failed components, maintain the network and reboot servers. In case you do not have any knowledge about managing a server, you only have to look for employees to handle it. It will be less costly than hiring an entire company to manage your server. Hiring staff in house also ensure that you will be up to date on what is happening to your site.

You will have to take care of anything on unmanaged dedicated server Germany. However, there are still a few benefits of using the server. You will be in charge of doing everything for your server. If you do not have any knowledge of server management, then it is advisable to go for a managed dedicated server. Managed server means that the hosting will take care of everything including security and backup. You should also have enough time to manage your server in addition to doing all your regular tasks.


Customizing your server gives you option to have it meet your business needs. An unmanaged dedicated server gives you full control of the server. Full control is not the only thing that you will get with your unmanaged server. You will also be able to customize your server according to your requirements.

  1. You can customize your disk space, CPU, software, RAM, platform and operating system.
  2. A dedicated server has a customizable feature that allows you to manage several projects on your server.
  3. Changing the various aspects you do not like about your server.